Environmental, Storage Tank,
Construction and
Compliance Services

TEC Accutite has more than three decades of experience providing deep expertise, exceptional service and advanced technology solutions to customers in the Bay Area and across North America. Our singular focus is to provide customers solutions for all their fuel storage and environmental compliance needs.

We’re Environmental
Engineering Experts
So You Don’t Have to Be

We know the regulated fuel storage tank space because we were in it since its inception. It’s expertise you can count on, so you can run your business, operations and organization with confidence knowing we’ve got your back.

Optimized for

12bet信誉好不好Each hour your facility is off line is a lost opportunity for revenue or an interruption of service for your customer. We’re fast to respond and quick on our feet , so down time and disruptions are minimized, and projects move forward on time and on budget.

Specialized Expertise
That’s Affordable
and Professional

12bet信誉好不好TEC Accutite offers the deep bench and expertise of a big firm with the responsiveness, service and affordability of a small firm. We’ve got redundant personnel, so we can cover any scale job and are ready when you’ve got an emergency. And we can execute plans and specs or we can design them for you.

Advanced Technology
Fuels Efficient

Our relationship with (formerly NoViolation12bet信誉好不好) helps spot, address and resolve issues before they become problems. It’s an advantage that provides complete access to facilities and compliance-related documents, at any time and from anywhere, because compliance is incomplete without documentation. And it affords unprecedented visibility into your projects and an unrivaled level of tracking and control.


  • We have worked at thousands of facilities, for hundreds of clients, since 1984.
  • Four of every five local governments and government agencies in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

We breathe a sigh of relief when a facility tells us they’ve brought in TEC Accutite to resolve a problem, because we know the job will be done right. TEC understands compliance and knows how to achieve both the letter and spirit of our regulations.

- San Francisco Bay Area compliance administrator

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